Spring: A Time for All Things New!

Just in the past week, I’ve watched my trees bloom, seen new sprouts on herbs that appeared to be long dead and gone, watched Mother Nature surprise us with two beautiful Spring days and learned of the birth of grandchildren and great grandchildren of close and dear friends of mine. All signs of Spring, new life and and all things fresh and new.

For me personally, there’s something else new to add to the list. This blog!! Its literally freshly created and hot off the presses. As a newly appointed judge, I’m also now an official candidate running for office.

As such, it’s never to soon to start spreading the word amongst the citizens of all of Prince George’s County and that’s where I need your help. Many have asked how they can help me in this new endeavor. Of course, there are many ways and more information will come as time goes by, but for now, your help for me is as close as the tip of your finger. Just follow this blog, any of my social media sites (links below) and share everything I post with all of your friends, family and neighbors on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever! It would also be great if you would ask them to also share on their social media sites and with their family and friends.

With this simple act, information about me and my campaign should spread quickly and easily. With regular upcoming blog posts, this will allow everyone who may not be familiar with me professionally and/or personally, an opportunity to get to know all that I’ve been, what I am and what I strive to be. With that, I hope to earn their virtual friendships, trust and of course, their votes.

Thanks in advance and happy Spring!

Honorably Yours, ShaRon M. Grayson Kelsey

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