It’s Been a Year?!

Judge ShaRon Kelsey Celebrating Her One Year Judicial Anniversay

Yes. Indeed it has! Today marks one year since the day I was sworn in as a Prince George’s County Circuit Court Associate Judge. My how time flies. To prove it, Facebook choose today to remind me of a post that I shared exactly five years ago. The post celebrates a 2015 New Year inspired sermon by my Pastor, Bucas Sterling, III of Kettering Baptist Church. On this date, the Pastor reminded us that in order to build your everlasting kingdom legacy, “You’ve got to be able to see and act upon the invisible.”

Thereafter and when the time was right, I submitted my application for District Court Judge. While I was ultimately not successful in that bid for judgeship, I was nonetheless progressing towards my own personal everlasting kingdom legacy. Following a series of events, I thereafter submitted my first application for Circuit Court judge followed by a second application in July, 2018. On November 20, 2018 – three years, three applications and countless interviews later – and while I was literally pulling the giblets out of my turkey, Governor Larry Hogan called and provided news that instantly made its way to the top of my Thanksgiving pre-dinner acknowledgements. Since that time and while being on the bench, I have grown in ways I could never have imagined, and I remain ever grateful.

Now as the New Year arrives, I continue in my delight to be able to serve the citizens of Prince George’s County. In addition, however, I must now balance that with the challenges that come along with a contested election and the upcoming primaries. Yes, following the Governor’s appointment, it is now required that I and four other of my fellow judges run in the upcoming 2020 election in order to actually retain our seats. My fellow judges are Judge Bereano, Judge Curry, Judge McCarthy and Judge Serrette. They to were Governor Appointees to the bench.

While we are challenged, I remain ever comforted by friends, family, colleagues and all those that surround us in enthusiasm and support. Thank you all!! With that and the ever ringing words of my Pastor, I will remain fearless and unwavering in my continued quest for my own personal everlasting kingdom legacy. I take it as no accident that such a reminder came on this very day. So as I was reminded five years ago today, I will continue to #WalkByFaithNotBySight. Thank You and See Ya’ll at the polls!

Oh and one more thing: As always, the Honor is All Mine!

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